A shell script to download and extract a video clip from YouTube.

You still want to hack facebook? good luck — Photo by Suleiman

I watch videos on YouTube almost daily for various reasons, ranging from learning to entertainment. Sometimes I want to store or share a specific part of the video. Often I find myself opting for online YouTube downloaders, after that I search for another online resource to trim/cut out the portion(s) I need.

This process can be annoying, notwithstanding those third-party (YouTube downloader, video trimmer) sites are filled with ads (at-times very awkward…) and suspicious pop ups. …

Yes, we need to EndSARS and more…

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Nigeria, a country of beauty and vast potentials. She has so much diversity in people, culture, religion, languages and seasons. Nigeria is blessed abundantly with natural resources which includes crude oil, limestone, iron ore, fertile soil excellent for agriculture. The people are lovely, hardworking, industrious and very accommodating. If you are touring Africa, you cannot afford to miss Nigeria. Like every other country in world, Nigeria has some challenges and vice. Some of those challenges include police brutality, which has led to nationwide unrest.

The EndSARS Movement

In recent years, Nigerians (majority been youth) have had…

Solving ancient browser issues with cloud testing platform.

About a week ago, a client (let’s call him Malik) reported an issue — a very weird one, regarding a web application my team developed few years back. Malik could not click any button on the web page… yeah, that’s weird. Upon investigating, I realised that his device was at least a decade old. More-so, a very outdated web browser.

Photo by Ben Cliff on Unsplash

His phone was like an old cargo ship at bay; it somehow works, but no one around knows why or how to fix it if (and when) it breaks down.

So, we…

A quick way to manipulate CSV files using JavaScript.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

A few days ago, I was doing some data crunching on a web application for a client. I needed a fast, simple way to work with Comma-separated Values (CSV) files i.e. update, download and upload using the existing JavaScript libraries.

The libraries involved are DataTables and PapaParse. Both are open source libraries.


The powerful, in-browser CSV parser for big boys and girls.


If you work as website developer / designer, chances are you’ve used DataTable. It’s one of the oldest, robust and well maintained jQuery JavaScript library for HTML table. …

Find out who is viewing your webpage, from where and with what device.

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I have a simple profile page namieluss.com which I created several years ago, back when I was a studying for my Bachelor’s degree. Every once in a while, I log on to check, make sure things are working well and update the server.

There are many reasons why you should keep your servers up-to-date, ranging from security issues all the way to performance. Nevertheless, I do so on servers I manage every once in a while, even if everything is working well…

“There are two ways to…

A few things to consider when configuring NGINX Web Server

Photo by Shahid Shaikh on Unsplash

A brief history of the . . . Web

Few decades ago, 31 years to be precise, the World Wide Web was invented by an English engineer, Tim Berners-Lee. During the course of developing the first web page, he wrote the first ever web serverhttpd”. Fast forward to today, in the 21st century… it seems almost impossible to live without the Web. It remains one of the greatest inventions of all time even though it is just few decades old. Follow this link to learn more about how the Web work.

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so…

Just in time snippets, python image manipulation library.

Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Marcinkowski on Unsplash

Image manipulation is basically a process of transforming digitised image into a desired image. Most of the times, when people think of image manipulation, photoshop is what comes to mind. It is one of the most popularly used tools out there for changing and improving images. However, this post is focused on Python image manipulation library, pillow to be exact.

According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python, most image processing and manipulation techniques can be carried out effectively using two libraries: Python Imaging Library (PIL) and…

A spontaneous approach.

firebase cloud functions
firebase cloud functions
Firebase Cloud Functions with Google Spreadsheet API

Firebase Function is a type of serverless architecture (also know as serverless computing). Firebase is just one among many providers (eg AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions) of serverless computing. To learn more about serverless architecture as well as how and when to use it, click here.

One of the things that come to mind when you mention Firebase is real time database. Nevertheless, Firebase offers several other products which includes Cloud Firestore, Hosting, Cloud Storage, Cloud Messaging, Analytics amongst others.

This post focuses on showing a simple way to integrate Google Spreadsheet with Firebase Functions seamlessly. …

The world is advancing, so is Javascript.

Javascript is a programming language widely used by web developers and tester. Every day, every hour there is a new Javascript library, framework, tool or project being created and published.

As at the moment of writing this, there are about 4.4 million open source javascript repositories in GitHub. Probably before I finish publishing these, another library is written. So yeah, Javascript has took over the world …web.

Is it a library, framework or tool?

A lot of times developers confuse the above (library, framework, tool) terminologies. In practice, this terms can have different meaning depending on the context, when and how they are being is used.



Software engineer, runner, hiker, fitness enthusiast. https://namieluss.com

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